Cultural Rally 2022

Unveiling the Departmental wall magazine (2022)

Rabindrajayanti Celebration in the Department

Chief Minister's Institutional Plantation Programe (CMIPP)

Farewell Memories: 2022

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The Bengali Department of Duliajan College is a Non Honours Department. This department deals with and teaches subjects such as AECC-2, DSC, MIL and DSE. At present, the Department has one teaching faculty who provides guidance to students learning Bengali from 1st to 6th Semester. Alongside teaching AECC-2 and DSC to 1st Semester students, DSC to 2nd Semester students, DSC and MIL to 3rd and 4th Semester students, DSE to 5th and 6th Semester students, the Department also teaches MIL to HS 1st a

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