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Departmental Library

Departmental Library

Parent's - Teacher's meet


A picture of participant students on the day of cultural rally.

Cultural rally

Participants from the Department of Political Science, Duliajan College during the cultural rally

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

MoU signed between Department of Political Science, Dibru College and Department of Political Science, Duliajan College

Teaching faculty along with the students on the day of 6th Semester Farewell program, 17th June, 202

Faculty of the Department of Political Science

Entrance Door of Department of Political Science


Department of Political Science of Duliajan College was introduced in the very year of the inception of the college i.e. 1969. The main objective of the department is to train the students thoroughly in all branches of the discipline, focusing on classical themes and recent development. In the year 1977, the department received approval from the state government.
The founder of the department was Lt. Juga Gogoi. He served from 1969 till 1972. After that, Lt. Nitya Dutta joined the department and served from 1972 till 1995. In 1976, Lt. Topesh Sonowal joined the department and served till his retirement in 2013. Haren Phukan joined the department and served from 1978 till 1980. In 1980, Manjula Duwarah joined the department and served the department till 1981. In 1982, Dr. Surendra Nath Gogoi joined the department and served till his retirement in 2017. In 1985, Minu Sonowal joined the department and served till her retirement in 2020. Besides, the college also appointed some contractual teachers in the department of Political Science namely, Ghanajit Cheleng, Anamika Boruah, Lt. Bokul Baruah, Debojyoti Saikia, Raja Gogoi, Mrs. Gitishikha Borah Dutta, Gitika Kalita.
The current faculty members of the department
1. Mr. Ngiken Chowchong - Assistant Professor and Head of the Department
2. Dr. Rita Saikia - Assistant Professor
3. Mr. Lianneithang Hrangkhol - Assistant Professor
4. Miss Rodali Mohan - Assistant Professor
5. Mr. Deepjyoti Baruah - Assistant Professor (Contractual)
Library of the Department
Besides the general library, Department of Political Science has its own departmental library. The library has a total number of more than 450 books and few other Magazines, Journals etc.
North East India Political Science Association (NEIPSA) is an academic organization and it provides scope for scholastic and non-scholastics development of its members particularly in the field of Political Science. In 2001, the department of Political Science, Duliajan College formed NEIPSA, ‘student cell’ under the guidance of Dr. Surendra Nath Gogoi. Since the inceptions of the ‘student cell’, the department has organized Workshop, Seminars, Field Study, Education Tour, Group Discussion, Wall Magazine and observed important events viz. World Human Rights Day. In 2007, State Seminar was organized jointly with the Education Department of Duliajan College on the Theme ‘Human Rights’. The two Resource persons invited for the events are: - Dr. Deban Dutta (Retired Professor, Cotton University) and Dr. Akhil Ranjan Dutta (Professor, Department of Political Science, Gauhati University).
Many of the students who have passed out from the department are now serving as faculty members in colleges and also found placements in various government and private sector organizations.
Successful Alumni of the department of Political Science
Some of the successful alumni working in different fields are: Bhabesh Hazarika (Asst. School Inspector), Dhiren Hazarika (A.C.S), Rudreswar Bezbaruah (social Worker & Oil Employee), Probin Sonowal (International Athlete & Oil A.O), Rajen Gogoi (Labour Welfare Officer, Tea Estate), Nahar Singh (Labour Welfare Officer, Tea Estate), Prasanta Dutta (Lecturer, Naharkatia College), Bipul Gogoi (Lecturer, Demow College), Khirod Gogoi (Lecturer, Gargaon College), Minoti Hazarika (Lecturer, Tingkhong College), Budha Jyoti Chetia ( L.I.C Employee, Executive Cadre), Dambarudhar Sonowal (Labour Welfare Officer, Tea Estate), Sulekha Deka Gohain (Singer), Jayanta Hazarika (Labour Welfare Officer, Tea Estate), Gunjan Nath (Musician), Usha Rani Alev (Singer), Chakra Gogoi (Executive Oil), Gunin Dutta (Teacher), Nikhil Dev (Executive, Oil & National Football Player), Kabita Baruah (Welfare Officer, O.N.G.C), Aakashi Baruah ( Lecturer, Duliajan Girl’s College).
Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
The department of Political Science, Duliajan College, Duliajan has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the department of Political Science, Dibru College, Dibrugarh on 07/07/2022. The main purpose of this MoU is to create a framework for collaboration between both the colleges and organized National/International seminar, workshops and to exchange students at undergraduate level for the purpose of learning and extension activities. After one month of signing MoU, one day Workshop on the theme ‘what after Graduation: Opportunity, Competency and Success’ was jointly organized by both the colleges at Dibru College, Dibrugarh on 21st July, 2022. Besides, One Day National Seminar on the theme ‘Environment: Justice, Sustainability and Conservation were also jointly by both the colleges at Duliajan College, Duliajan, Dibrugarh on 1st February, 2023.
Guardian Association
The main objective of the Guardian’s Association was to interact and cooperate with the guardians and discuss the areas of weakness and strength of the students.

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