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Best Reader Award (2021-2022 Batch)
Miss Munni Subba
BSc 6th Semester(Chemistry)
Roll No: 7


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Duliajan college Library was established in 1969 along with its parent organization Duliajan College. From the very beginning it has tried to serve library users by different collection of books, journals , magazines, newspaper, e-resources and other services. Now the library has a good number of books (22,890 nos.) on all the teaching as well as other disciplines. The library also receives some research journals and magazines out of which some journals are received by way of subscription and other journals are received as gift. The library has different sections that is Circulation section, Digital library, Internet browsing section, Book bank section, Reference and Rare book section, Back volume section, Local collection section etc.
The library has registered membership with INFLIBNET’S N-LIST e-resources programme. It provides 31,35,000 e-books and 6000 e-journals.
Duliajan College Library is using Software for University Libraries 3.0 (SOUL 3.0) for management of library resources and DSpace is used to create Digital Library. The library also uses DDC 22 Edition classification scheme for document classification purposes... Read More

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